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Belltown Banners
Belltown Banner Image

Have you noticed the Belltown Banners along the streets of Belltown?

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If you would like to sponsor new Belltown Bannners along the streets of Belltown, please contact Belltown.Org Banners

Belltown Gateway ArtWorks!
Belltown recently expanded its ongoing effort to mark the major gateways to Belltown with distinctive works of art.

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Angies Umbrella
The latest addition is Angie's Umbrella, the windswept umbrella sculpture, in the roadway triangle of Western Avenue at Lenora Street.

The other major Belltown Gateway ArtWorks are:

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Belltown Clock
The Belltown Clock and Sign on the east side of Second Avenue between Virginia and Lenora Streets.

Click for larger image   Alternate view Wave Rave Cave

The Wave Rave Cave on the east side of Western Avenue at Bell Street.

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The Bell Street Walkway on Bell Street at Elliott Avenue.

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The Beckoning Cistern on the south side of Vine Street at Western Avenue.

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The two Belltown Signs on Second Avenue at Denny Way and at Broad Street.

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The Chief Seattle Statue at Tilikum Place at Fifth Avenue and Cedar Street. The main attraction of this small square is a life-size statue of Chief Seattle, for whom the city was named. Wrapped in a stained copper shawl, the chief stands on a pedestal with one arm raised in symbolic greeting to the first white settlers who landed at Alki Point in 1851. Bear heads at the base of the pedestal spout streams of water into a pool.  Tilikum Place itself (the name meaning "welcome" or "greetings" in Chinook jargon) is located at the juncture of the original land claims of Denny, Boren, and Bell. The statue, sculpted by James When from the only existing photo of the chief, was unveiled on Founders' Day, 13 November 1912, by Chief Seattle's great-great-granddaughter.

The Belltown P-Patch and Cottage Park at Vine Street and Elliott Avenue.

Belltown P-Patch

The Seattle Art Mueseum's Olympic Sculpture Park anchors the Northwest corner of Belltown at Western Avenue.

Olympic Sculpture Park (Seattle Art Museum)

The Force Is With Us!
Seattle Police Bike Patrols have dramatically increased around Belltown. When Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels recently toured Belltown with residents and business owners, Belltowners universally spoke of the need for a greater police presence in our neighborhood. As a direct result, Seattle Police Captain Michael Sanford has reassigned and dedicated more Seattle Police Bike Patrols exclusively to Belltown.

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Belltown Neighborhood News Updates!
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